Welcome. I’ve been writing about art and the creative process in various publications for many years. And now I can share my thoughts with you here on my art website.

The art here is all recently done over the past couple of years. When doing a calligraphy or a painting, I always try to think how this will look through the viewer’s eyes? How will it be seen? Does it make sense in that it communicates with the viewer, you?

I have a stack of completed canvases that didn’t pass this test that are awaiting me stretching new canvas on the frames. And then there is the stack of torn papers from works on paper that didn’t make the grade. I sometimes cut these into horizontal stripes and use them as book markers. A number are in my personal copy of the book I wrote about Aikido, Aikido: An Everyday Approach To The Martial Art That Can Transform Your Life & The World (available on Amazon – here’s the link https://www.amazon.com/Paul-Frederick-Rest/e/B01DQ08BPQ). Others I have given to friends who visit my studio.

Please enjoy what you find here. I’ll be updating and changing what is here on a regular basis. And if  you have any questions, please send me a message on the contact page and I’ll reply.

Thank you for your visit.


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