Art is always interesting…

Here is an interesting story about how amazing art is and can be. I knew the son of the America Westerns artist, Maynard Dixon (1875-1946). Dixon is know for his Western and Southwester landscape paintings that are now selling in the six figures. Dixon’s son John told me he was often was puzzled by one painting in particular. It was one of his father’s paintings of the Canyon de Chelly National Monument. The Monument is located in northeaster Arizona and used used as the backdrop for many movies, including John Ford westerns. This area, also called “The Four Corners,” is also the ancestral home of the Anaszi and is one of the areas in Norther America that has had the longest continuous inhabitants.

What puzzled John was there was a light bluest-purple line that was in the painting on the canyon’s rim. He wondered for why his dad had added that. Then, on a trip there years later, he looked up as the sun was reflecting off the canyon’s rim and there it was: that blue-purple line of color. He said all he could do in that moment was stand there and look up in awe that his father had seen that too, and had included it in the painting.

Art can hold many mysteries and surprises – some will last for years, others lasting longer.

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