Storm Over Bodega Bay

Title: Storm Over Bodega Bay

Medium Oil on canvas

Size: 12 x 36 in/40,64 x 91.44 cm

Price: SOLD/In private collection

I picked up this odd sized canvas from the local art store on a whim . It leaned against the wall in my studio for about a year while I keep thinking about what I should or could paint on it. Then, one wintery evening when it was storming with the rain lashing again the studio windows, I remembered the winter storms that I saw when living in Bodega Bay. A light bulb went off in my head and I immediately put the canvas on the easel. I started working on the painting and four hours later it was done. The painting includes brush work plus my hands helping to texture and move the oils the way I wanted them to flow. I didn’t go back and retouch anything. When it was done, it was done.

And, I love working on canvas’ this size. The strong horizontal dimensions of the canvas draw me in, so much that I lost track of time. I’d love to do another this size. So contact me.

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