Magic Dragon

Title: Magic Dragon

Medium: Sumi brush ink on paper (paper varies with what is available and what is commissioned)

Size: Each order can be a different size (see below)

Price: Prices vary depending on paper size (see below)

Notes: A Magic Dragon is a good luck symbol. Mine are done with a Japanese brush and Japanese Sumi ink (a special ink made in Japan for calligraphy and Sumi paintings). The Magic Dragon is usually hung in a predominate place (but I had one of mine, not this one, on my fridge for years held there with a magnet).

Magic Dragon bring prosperity and protect the home. In Japan they are said to protect the family (or person) from in-laws. ­čÖé┬á I have some excellent paper currently in stock. It is Strathmore Bristol vellum, a wonderful paper with a beautiful finish. My price for a Magic Dragon this size is $75.00. It also comes with magic dragon chops (the red stamps). Larger sized dragons are available on request. Please contact me for information and pricing.

Traditionally, a new Magic Dragons can be done with each New Year. The year is written or brushed on the paper near the Dragon. Then, the next year a new one is commissioned and the last year’s Dragon is placed in another part of the home or business. These are somewhat smaller and cost $50.00 each. I am currently out of that size paper as I usually order it the middle of November for the the requests I receive beginning December 1st.

Your Magic Dragon will grow on you. You can name it, and ask to become his or her friend (Dragons have a gender – you can have this conversation with your Dragon after it arrives in your home).

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