Title: Leaf

Medium: Original photograph

Size: To be determined by what size canvas transfer print is ordered

Price: Price will vary with the size. Shipping is usually UPS/Ground

Notes: I was walking on the path to my studio on morning in mid October when I saw this leaf. Somehow it caught my attention. Perhaps it was the luscious colors – the yellows, golds and browns. I stopped and carefully picked the leaf up not knowing what was going to happen next. The day before I had been photographing smaller works against a neutral black cloth background in my studio.

I put the leaf on the black cloth and was transfixed. It reminded me of a Northern Renaissance painting with the luxurious contrasts between the leaf and the black background. I took this photo with one of my Nikon cameras. The images has been a favorite every since.

Edition is limited to 25. Each one will be signed and numbered. I suggest something in the size range of 24 x 24 or 36 x 36 inches, but smaller sizes should work too. Contact me for more information.

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