Fire and Water


Title: Fire and Water

Medium: Original photograph. Limited edition of 25

Size: Can be determined when the canvas transfer print is ordered

Price: The price will depend upon the size canvas transfer ordered. Shipping is usually USPS/Ground and will be shipped free if two of any photographs are ordered.

Notes: The sun was about to be swallowed by the ocean. But before that happened I managed to shoot this photograph. It was probably done with one of my Nikon cameras. I don’t remember which one. No tripod was used, but I remember steading myself next to my car. The located is again Bodega Bay (CA).

I watched “The Birds” the other night to get my Bodega Bay “fix.” I loved living there but don’t miss the 45 minute drive to the nearest city. Many of the scenes in the movie were filmed in Bodega Bay. Others were filmed in the nearby town of Bodega – the location of the famous schoolhouse (now a private residence).

Another observation: There was always a certain magic that happened as the sun began its final decent. The waters of the bay become quieter and there is this quality in the light that makes it seem almost palpable.

This photograph numbered transfer print arrives ready to hang.

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