Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Title Golden Gate Bridge

Medium: Original photograph

Size: This would depend on the size canvas transfer print that is ordered. I recommend 24 x 36 inches as the optimum size for this photograph.

Price: Depends on the size canvas transfer print ordered. The photograph will arrive framed and ready to hang. I usually ship UPS/Ground unless otherwise specified. With an order of two or more photographs I pay for the UPS/Ground shipping.

Notes; This photograph was taken early afternoon from one of my favorite vantage points looking out over the Golden Gate. The bridge’s towers are poking up through the blanket of ocean fog. This is a breathtaking scene whether you’re a seasoned local or a tourist visiting for the first time.

The photograph was taken with one of my Nikon cameras using the telephoto extension (4ox).

It is speculated that Drake passed through the Golden Gate before heading north to refit and reprovision his The Golden Hine. The Spanish came soon after, and after that the world passed through the Golden Gate when the Gold Rush began. Construction on the bridge began in 1933 and was completed in 1937. The orange color is “International Orange.” The color was chosen to blend in the the local scenery, and to be visible in the fog (as seen in my photograph).

This photograph as a canvas transfer print makes a great statement and conversation piece, and is also beautiful to just look at and enjoy.

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