Mt. Veeder

Mt. Veeder, Northern California

Title: Mt. Veeder

Medium: Original photograph

Size: Will will depend on the size canvas transfer photograph ordered.

Price: The prices will depend on the size ordered. This photograph works best at 20 x 30 inches or 24 x 36 inches, although a 30 38 inch order knocked my socks off. Shipping is done in the Continental States via UPS/Ground.

Notes: I was driving to a friend’s winery atop Mt. Veeder when I saw this incredible view looking south by southwest. From his winery you can see the San Francisco Bay, Mt. Diablo in the East Bay, and on a very clear (non ocean fog) day the Pacific Ocean to the west. You can see Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County off in the distance.

Mt. Veeder is now a registered wine Appellation. The mountain sits on the Sonoma/Napa county lines. So grapes grown in one vineyard can have the Napa designation. Grapes grown a few rows away will have the Sonoma designation. The fruit there is blessed with ocean breezes, hot summer days, cool nights and a rocky terrior. Mt. Veeder is what is left from an extinct volcano. The vines need to reach deep in the earth to survive. The fruit and wines made from the fruit show the beauty of this struggle.

Be sure to enjoy the photograph with a glass of Mt. Veeder wine. The photograph will arrive ready to hang. The wine will arrive ready to be opened.


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