Fall Leaves

Title: Fall Leaves

Medium: Original photograph

Size: Sold as a canvas transfer print. Sizes from 16 x 20 to 24 x 36 are the standard sizes ordered.

Price: The price depends on the size ordered. Shipping is usually via UPS/Ground or 2nd Day.

Notes: I loved the Japanese maple outside my previous studio. Even during the heart of winter the colors and textures of the bark never ceased to evoke an emotion. When a limb died one year, I cut a piece of the limb to keep with me, It is here with me in the studio as I write this.

And of the course the magic display of colors when the leaves began to change in the Fall. Right outside my studio window. All I had to do was turn my head a little to the right to see the full display.

This photograph was taken with my Nikon Cybershot. I was in the yard raking and looked over and saw the leaves and dropped everything to get the photo. “Oh thank you maple tree. I do miss you.”

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