Calligraphy: Triangle, Circle & Square

Title: “Triangle, Circle & Square”

Medium: Oil on paper (Titanium White with a No. 2 brush on Gray Scale heavy paper)

Size: 18 x 24 in/47.5 x 61 cm – 80 lb. paper – unframed

Price: $200.00 including shipping with the States.

Notes: Oil on paper has always been a favorite of mine. There is something both challenging and almost magical about putting a brush with on to paper. I’m never quite how the two will mix. Will there be an alchemical marriage, or will the two run in opposite directions with the result being a smudgy something or another?

This time the paper receive the oil paint with the results appearing almost Abstract Expressionist.

The calligraphy could be mounted floating, or put within the frame. Personally I like the floating idea on black silk with a lacquer frame (black?).

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