Aikido: The Martial Art That Can Transform Your Life & The World

Aikido book

Title: Aikido: The Martial Art That Can Transform Your Life & The World

Available: and through your local Independent bookseller

Notes: The book is about how to use what is learned on the mat in the world. The examples all come from my own experiences – seeing what works, and what doesn’t on the mat and in daily life. And, I include many moments of my own surprises, and frustrations.¬† My Sensei, Robert Noha, 6th dan, told me (and wrote in his review) that he can no longer shop the same way after reading the book.

When the book was written, I had had over 20 years of training, and teaching. I had taken a workshop with the Doshu, direct students Robert Nadeau Sensei, Frank Doran Sensei, the late Hiroshi Kato Sensei, the late Morihiro Saito Sensei, Mary Heiny Sensei, Robert Frager Sensei and Tetsutaka Sugawara .

The classes I taught included adult, children’s, women’s self-defense, public, private lessons, and small groups.

I have tried to make the book fun to read, and the exercises fun too, and a bit challenging. I also included the story of my broken ankle, and my cancer journey, and how i used the Art to work with these potential life-changing events.

And, I am always open to comments and you sharing your own insights.

We can change the world one technique at a time. We just need to begin.

Art: The Enso on the cover of the book was done by John Stevens Sensei.



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