Emily & The Magical Library

Emily & The Magical Library

Title: Emily & The Magical Library

Book: Written by Paul Rest. Illustrated by Robin Galante

Published by: PFRArts

Available: Amazon and your local Independent Bookseller

Notes: The book came to me almost complete. Bang! It was there. I immediately sketched the story out in a fresh Moleskin notebook I had put aside. The next day I added rough watercolor illustrations, trying to catch the images I was seeing with each page of Emily’s story. This was all done working from the back of the Moleskin moving forward – like a Japanese book.

After a number of false starts, I connected with the talented San Francisco based illustrator Robin Galante and we took the story, and my rough illustrations and created the wonderful illustrations in the book. Robin’s art captures the story to a “T!”

Thank you again Robin.

The photograph used/posted here is the prototype mock-up of the book. I’ll post a photograph of the actual book when I receive the proof copy from the printer (any day now).

Emily’s journey is about a library, books, reading, discovery, friendships and learning to be open to new adventures. Like Alice, Emily enters a new world and makes friends and learning skills for life.



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