Classic Enso

Title: Enso (Classic Japanese style Enso)

Medium: Sumi ink on paper

Size: 12 x 9 inches

Price: Contact me (can do Square or Venmo)

Shipping: Probably USPS/flat/Priority in the USA. Overseas, contact me.

Notes: The Enso symbolizes so much. To me it means that there are no Beginnings or Endings. Life is an unending flow from when we are born until the body ceases – and then after in another reality.

The Enso, like the Magic Dragon, is brushed with one motion – and one breath. The stamp is my Fire Dragon one.

The Enso should be placed in an important place in the dojo, home or office. The size is a standard one, so finding a good ready-made frame shouldn’t be a problem. My Enso are meant to bring peace, harmony and love wherever they’re placed.

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