Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tamalpais

Title: Mt. Tamalpais

Medium: Oil on canvas board

Size: 5 x 7 inches

Framed: No

Price: Contact me (can use Venmo or Square)

Shipping: Will ship flat in a padded envelope either UPS or USPS. For overseas shipping, contact me.

Notes: Mt. Tamalpais is a legendary landmark across the Bay from San Francisco. It is a favorite for hikers, sightseers and those simply wanting to experience something magical. The views from the mountain are spectacular. A local myth is the mountain is a sleeping Native American Princess. I’ve heard this tale from a number of locals who live on or near the mountain, especially after a few beers at one of the joints in Mill Valley. Regardless whether or not it is true, the mountain holds a unique energetic personality that draws tens of thousands to it every year.

Hoping this fun panting with the full Moon over the mountain finds a wonderful home?

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