Pacific Ocean Storm

Pacific Ocean Storm

Title: Pacific Ocean Storm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 8 x 10 inches

Framed: No

Price: Contact me

Shipping: Will be shipped flat via UPS/USPS “Priority”

Notes: I remember sitting above a rocky coastline bluff watching a storm out over the ocean. This beautiful line of waves would form – a wall of white foamy water. It would move towards the shore breaking into swells and then again into waves that would crash up on the rocks below me. Looking up, I could see that another line had already formed. There was this tension between the water in front of the wave, the wave itself, and the sky. Light playing with light playing with more light.

The image imprinted itself on my mind. I made a few sketches then forgot about it and walked back to my car. The beginning of this year, when I found the sketches I began working on the painting.

After I was done with it, I keep thinking, “Should I add more?” Months passed. I eventually realized the painting is finished as is.

So, here it is.

An additional note, over ten colors were used to get what I saw, and wanted.

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