Green Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon

Title: Green Magic Dragon

Medium: Watercolor paint brushed on Strathmore “Bristol” 100 lb. vellum surface paper

Size: 12 x 9 inches

Framed: No

Shipping: Contact me

Price: Contact me

Notes: The image of this green dragon came to me in a dream. I painted four the next day using M. Graham & Co. “Sap Green” watercolor paint. The watercolor paint was put in a small dish and mixed with a little water. I used my largest brush, the one I used for the Enso’s and other major calligraphies.

Of the four I brushed, two vertical and two horizontal, this one turned out the best. It literally popped out to me the moment I had finished brushing it, “I’m here!”

Magic Dragons in one form or another are found in all homes in the Orient. They protect the home from fire and other natural and man-made calamities, including pesky mother-in-laws.

I get orders the beginning of December to brush ones for the New Year. Depending on the size, these run $50-100.00 including shipping (in the States). If you’re interested, mark your calendar to contact me then.


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