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Paul Rest has studied Aikido for over twenty years and currently holds the rank of Yondan or 4th degree black belt. He is a student of John Stevens, Shihan and is a member of Stevens Sensei’s association, Classical Aikido. He also trains weekly with Bob Noha Sensei, 6th Dan and Richard Strozzi-Heckler Sensei, 7th Dan. He has taken a workshop with O sensei’s grandson, the current Doshu, and with many senior instructors from around the world. He has written extensively about Aikido for the Examiner.com and other publications and has worked over the years to promote a non-rolling and falling form of Aikido called “Low Impact Aikido”. He lives in Northern California where he teaches and trains.
Aikido An Approach To The Martial Art That Can Transform Your Life & The World” is the distillation of his over twenty years training and teaching Aikido. the book is fun to read and informative, and includes insights that can be used when studying or teaching Low Impact Aikido.