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Review of “Aikido: An Everyday Approach To The Martial Art That Can Transform Your Life & The World” written by Robert Noha on Aikido Journal

Book Review By Crissi Langwell from the Press Democrat


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  • “Aikido: An Everyday Approach to the Martial Art That Can Change Yourself and the World” takes us from the author’s first days in Aikido where he has trouble learning to roll, to his later years where he teaches the art. He generously shares a variety of stories and insights gained from his many years of training with some of the most well known names in Aikido. Paul’s authentic and sincere voice stand out as he describes how Aikido has impacted his life.

    Pete Reilly

  • This book has great information and relationship to life and Aikido. I found the stories and ideas blend well as presented by Paul. It helps you remember that Aikido isn’t just something you perform or go through the motions with, but something that becomes part of you.


  • Mr. Paul Rest has presented to the world at large a useful, insightful, loving introduction and perception as it relates to “The Gentle Art” of Aikido. As a long time Martial Artist myself, I realize that the “everyday” reference is for me the most valuable. Often Martial are viewed from afar as mystical, magical misunderstood actions that Mr. Miyagi teaches by waxing on and off. However, we who have learned the essence of the arts realize that to be a willing participant contributes to our lives in the same ways that learning to sew or flying an aircraft or training for and running in a marathon does. To invest yourself is to improve yourself. …and to me, the practice of the activity you love, is to make continuous personal improvement. Paul’s book is the kind of text that helps you do just that on an everyday level and adds a smart and experienced acquaintance with Aikido as a bonus. Thank you Paul for a great book

    Roger B. Hamilton

  • Aikido: An Everyday Approach To The Martial Art That Can Transform Your Life & The World goes beyond techniques to the “what for” that is why those of us who train Aikido continue on this path. Paul shares from his everyday life and his teaching experience how Aikido is a trans-formative practice. One might stumble on this from years on the mat, but here one can read and recognize these insights when they first might be accessible but still in nascent form. I have also found Paul’s approach to low impact Aikido useful in my own work with psychology students when i have taught them Aikido practices since some of them are able to do the rolls. Yet the essence of Aikido is available to anyone who pursues these modified practices.

    David Lukoff

  • Paul Rest’s “Aikido: An Everyday Approach to the Martial Art That Can Change Yourself and the World” provides some wonderful insights as to what the core of aikido is all about. He provides several everyday life examples of how we manage chaos and conflict, and how we might approach it in a more graceful way applying the philosophy of a martial art.

    Craig R.

  • Paul Rest’s slender volume is a deceptively quick read. But one immediately finds that the book is beautifully infused with the essence of Aikido–in both its practical and philosophical dimensions–and that it compels a second or third reading, a reflective study to earn the grand reward it has to offer. I have trained in Aikido for 27 years and have read many books on the art, yet I found Paul’s insights to provide a fresh look at several fundamental Aikido concepts.

    Gordon W. Shumaker Jr.

  • Magnificent approach about feelings regarding Aikido but which can be linked to other Martial Arts by extension. Spirit, respect, heart are all the ingredients which bring to Paul’s book a nice/pure and pragmatic vision of the life in general.

    Véronique Liard